The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DIEM) contributes to the following degree programmes in Aalto University, School of Science:

DIEM is responsible of the Master’s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management. The master’s programme combines engineering with economic and human fundamentals to create value and efficiency. The majors of the programme are built on the focus areas of the department’s research:

Our graduates have knowledge, skills and will to create and transform technology-based businesses. The programme recruits outstanding candidates from Finland and abroad. The Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology is the main channel for Finnish students but a significant number of both domestic and international students will be admitted directly to the master’s programme.

DIEM and the other departments of the School of Science are jointly responsible of the Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology (only available in Finnish).

DIEM is also one of the departments responsible of Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science. Industrial engineering and management is one of the research fields of the doctoral programme. 

In addition to the above-mentioned bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes, DIEM is one of the Aalto units providing education to the following programmes in Aalto:

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