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The research in Work Psychology and Leadership focuses on the following areas:

1. Leadership and organizational change

  • Leadership and change, cooperation and self-management in organizations
  • Philosophy of leadership
  • Self-leadership
  • Organizational commitment and innovation
  • Knowledge processes and management
  • Strategic rewarding

2. Knowledge, competences and networks

  • Organizational innovations
  • Cooperation in organizational networks
  • Knowledge sharing in intra and interorganizational networks
  • Competences and development of cooperation

3. Sociotechnical systems and systems thinking

  • Consolidation of technological, organizational and social systems
  • Collaboration in distributed, mobile and multilocational work
  • Systems intelligence

Research can be characterized as multidisciplinary and various methodological approaches are made using quantitative, qualitative and philosophical approaches. Research activities are mostly funded by external parties. Primary sponsors are Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, The Finnish Work Environment Fund, Academy of Finland, European Union and private and public organizations.

The research produces both new theorizations and practical applications for the academic and business communities. Research results are published in international and national peer-reviewed publications, in the DIEM department publications series and as books, guides and