Strategy and Venturing

One of the most fundamental questions of the strategy and venturing research area is to understand the factors that influence firm strategies in competitive markets. These factors include for instance the dynamic interaction between firms and their stakeholders, firms’ capability development and related decision-making practices, and the entrepreneurial processes through which firms create new offerings and revitalize their existing products and services. Our research focuses on the core areas of strategy and venturing and their intersection. Active research streams in these areas include:

Strategy: strategy process, strategic decision-making, strategic leadership, and strategic activity patterns

Our research on strategy processes, strategic decision-making and strategic leadership focuses on intra-firm processes, decision-making, cognitions, and emotions that influence the way in which firms determine their strategic actions, positions, and resources in the pursuit of competitive advantage.

Our research on strategic activity patterns focuses on understanding the assumptions underlying the repertoires of different kinds of strategic activities and activity patterns (e.g. acquisition and alliance programs) that firms use to position themselves in the surrounding business system.

Venturing: high-growth entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, venture capital, and innovation

Our research on venturing focuses on strategic aspects of the development and financing of new business and innovation. In this stream of research, we have four interlinked focus areas: high-growth entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, venture capital and private equity, and innovation.

We have also particular areas of strength in our research in the intersection of strategy and venturing e.g. in strategic management and venturing in technology-intensive industries that emphasizes the understanding of technology, industry dynamics, ecosystems, and overall the creation and transformation of technology-based business.

A list of representative publications of strategy and venturing research can be found here. 

The professors affiliated with Strategy and Venturing are:

Marina Biniari, Assistant Professor
Corporate Entrepreneurship, Behavioral Strategy, Entrepreneurial Behavior of Middle Managers, Entrepreneurial Teams

Robin Gustafsson, Associate Professor
Strategy and Organization in Nascent Industries and Disruptive Change, Institutional Entrepreneurship, Innovation Policy

Mikko Jääskeläinen, Assistant Professor
High-Growth Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Private Equity, Markets

Ilkka Kauranen, Professor
Technology-Based Companies, Commercialization of New Technologies, Research and Development Management, Entrepreneurship

Peter Kelly, Professor of Practice
High-Growth Entrepreneurship

Markku Maula, Professor, Head of the Institute
Venture Capital and Private Equity, Corporate Venturing, Growth Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Policy

Petri Parvinen, Adjunct Professor
Sales Management

Henri Schildt, Professor (jointly with Aalto School of Business)
Strategic Management and Technology Strategy

Jens Schmidt, Assistant Professor
Strategic Management

Timo Vuori, Assistant Professor (jointly with Aalto School of Business)
Strategy Process; Strategic Change; Social, Cognitive, and Emotional Perspectives

Hannele Wallenius, Professor Emerita
Decision Support Systems, Electronic Markets and Negotiations

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