Value Networks

The Value Network (VN) research group conducts studies and develops methods and tools for helping organizations and regions to create and share value in collaborative networks and ecosystems. The application areas we are practicing are extensive.

In collaboration with the leading Finnish technology industries companies, VN research group develops integrated approaches for managing supply chains and R&D processes in the inter-firm networks. The research in this focus area is conducted within the REBUS –research programme ”Towards relational business practices”, which is coordinated by the Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence  Cluster, FIMECC.     

In the transportation sector our current research focuses are within the ecosystem development of the electric mobility and Mobility-as-a-Service concepts. Especially the sociotechnical transitions influencing the development of ecosystems in this sector are of particular and long-term interest in our research. The most recent project that focuses on these transportation themes is Aalto University led ENSCC (ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities) Smart Commuting project, which is conducted in collaboration with our Finnish, Swiss and Austrian partners. For more information visit: 


VN staff

  • Tero Haahtela - M. Sc. (Tech.), M. Sc. (Econ.)
  • Jari Laine - Project Manager, M.Sc. (tech)
  • Kari Jussila - M. Sc. (Tech.), M. Sc. (Econ.)
  • Teemu Surakka – Project Manager, M. Sc. (Tech.)
  • Esa Viitamo – Dr. (Tech.)
  • Mervi Vuori – M.Sc.(Econ.)

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