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SimLab's teaching in the Information Networks Master's Program / Knowledge and Business Networks track:



Co-creating and managing collaborative processes in networked business



The student understands the reasons for networked business and can create and manage inter-organizational processes.

The student can model, analyze and develop inter-organizational business processes by applying co-creation methods.

The student can facilitate the development of collaborative processes in inter-organizational settings.

The student can research the management and co-creation of inter-organizational processes.


Courses on SimLab’s teaching “route”:

TU-E6110 Management of Networked Business Processes (3-5 cr), study periods 1-2

TU-E6120 Co-development Interventions in Business Networks (5 cr), study periods 3-4

TU-E6130 Facilitating Collaboration in Networks (5 cr), study periods1-5


Mandatory course of the Information Networks Program:

TU-E2090 Research Assignment in Operations and Service Management (5 -7 cr)


Elective courses:

TU-E6080 Diploma Thesis seminar (1-2 cr), study periods 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

TU-E6140 Business Game (3 cr), study periods 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


TU-L2040 Research Perspectives on Inter-organizational Collaboration (5 cr), study periods 1-2

TU-L2010 Video analysis in the research of organizational co-creation (5 cr), study periods 1-2

TU-L2030 Co-design in Service Innovation (5-8 cr), study periods 1-5


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