The research of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DIEM) focuses on creating and transforming technology-based business. With this research focus, we strive to conduct world-class research combining relevance and rigor. High-quality combinations of theory-driven and problem-oriented research build the basis for world-class education of future managers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and scientists who are able to meet the global challenges of creating and transforming technology-based business.

At DIEM, creating and transforming technology-based business is approached from three complementary perspectives: strategy and venturing, operations, and people. Below, active research themes and affiliated research groups related to these three perspectives are described in more detail.

Strategy and Venturing

Our research in this area focuses on strategy in technology-based business, including venturing and high-growth entrepreneurship research. Specific research themes include: strategy processes and decision-making, strategic activity patterns, high-growth entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, venture capital, and innovation. For more information, see:

Operations and Service Management

Our research in this area focuses on operations in technology-based business, including service engineering and innovations research. Specific research themes include: operations management, supply chain management and project business, management of multi-firm supply and project networks, procurement of capabilities and complex life-cycle business performance, industrial service operations, stakeholder management, innovations in products, services and business, co-development of networked business processes and models. For more information, see:

Entrepreneurial leadership

Our research in this area focuses on entrepreneurial thinking and related activities in technology-based business. Specific research themes include: technology entrepreneurship, start-up business and high-growth entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial renewal in technology businesses, managing human potential, as well as organizational change and development. For more information, see:



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