Virtual and augmented reality in real estate business was researched in a project with Nokia

22. kesäkuu 2017

In customized student projects students learn by doing real projects for companies.


  • student_project
  • business_project

Senior researcher of platform economy implements digitalisation into studies

14. kesäkuu 2017

Timo Seppälä, Professor of Practice in Digital Operations, knows the challenges related to product and service innovations by industrial companies.

Science and art Other

  • industrial_engineering_and_management
  • digitalization
  • platform_economy

The analytics capability in a multinational corporation is grounded on day-to-day business

14. kesäkuu 2017

Digitalization has brought sensors everywhere, and everything and everyone has a digital footprint.


  • analytics
  • digitalization
  • Thesis

PISKU inspects the company´s productivity and personnel well-being

12. kesäkuu 2017

An issue to be studied is individual and collective job crafting as a development approach, which combines the self-control of work and its development to the employee well-being.

Science and art

DiRVa seeks evidence of health outcomes and created value

12. kesäkuu 2017

The project aims to construct a general evaluation model for healthcare digital solutions providers to serve as a tool for building evidence of and communicating the value of their innovations.

Science and art

  • health_technology

Students help Stora Enso to build ‘pictures of the future’

22. toukokuu 2017

Students’ ideas on future business models in e-commerce and sustainable packaging will be utilized in the company’s strategy work.

Studies Cooperation

  • stretegies_for_growth_and_renewal
  • stora_enso
  • industrial_engineering_and_management

Prodeko Teaching Award of the year 2017 to Jari Ylitalo, Peter Kenttä and Tuukka Kostamo

10. toukokuu 2017

DIEM students voted on best teachers


  • teaching_award

Design for Value program develops industrial supply chains

8. toukokuu 2017

D4V investigates the impact of digitalization on autonomous end to end supply chain processes.

Other Cooperation

  • ecosystems
  • digitalization
  • digital_platform
  • supply_chain_management_control
  • design

Entrepreneurship is about responsibility, ownership and learning

5. toukokuu 2017

Keep learning. Embrace imperfection. Know that your qualities aren't fixed - you can grow and develop throughout life.


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  • prodeko
  • alumni
  • Ventures
  • entrepreneurship

Aalto Digi Matchmaking 2017 attracted 80 companies to Otaniemi

24. maaliskuu 2017

Thousands of viewers watched the dialogue between industry and researchers online.


The latest installation lectures available on video

21. maaliskuu 2017

Aalto University's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of miniature robotics and optimizing human-computer interaction, among other things.

Science and art

Kaiku Health has helped over 20 000 patients

17. maaliskuu 2017

Financial weekly Talouselämä ranks Netmedi as one of Finland's 10 most promising startups.

Science and art Cooperation

The proximity of manufacturing increases the rate of R&D efficiencies

14. maaliskuu 2017

The centralised operations model keeps most of the product’s added value in Finland. Usually, the price is the decisive factor when it comes to standard products.

Science and art Press releases

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  • manufacturing
  • R&D
  • digitalization

Service economy researcher doubles as do-gooder

8. maaliskuu 2017

Professor Risto Rajala gets enthusiastic about super-teams and about how his research could promote more sustainable industry.

Science and art

  • tenure_track
  • installation_lectures
  • service_economy
  • digitalisation

From a problem to a solution in 7 minutes

2. maaliskuu 2017

The Helsinki Challenge competition semi-finalist teams, with eight from Aalto, pitched their solutions for the UN's sustainable development goals in just seven minutes.

Cooperation Science and art

  • Helsinki_Challenge
  • finland100
  • sustainability

New Management Team for the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

2. helmikuu 2017

DIEM employs more than 100 people including 18 professors.


Riitta Katila named School of Science Alumna of the Year

19. joulukuu 2016

Professor Riitta Katila is an expert in corporate innovation activities, growth and development.

Honored Science and art Cooperation

New M.Sc. Theses at DIEM

14. joulukuu 2016

Again, DIEM students have published interesting Master’s theses on highly relevant and scientifically intriguing topics.


D.Sc. (Tech.) Rita Lavikka was granted a Torchbearer scholarship from the KAUTE-foundation

13. joulukuu 2016

Lavikka’s research focuses on digitalizing industrialized house-construction.


Rita Lavikka among the finalists in competition for a scholarship from KAUTE foundation

15. marraskuu 2016

Rita Lavikka’s research concerns the development of digital product lifecycle data management in industrialized construction.


Cooperation increases between Harvard and business schools

17. lokakuu 2016

Finnish researchers gain access to Harvard and cooperation with America’s top researchers through SCANCOR network.


Wolt buys you food and time

7. lokakuu 2016

Founder's Talk with Juhani Mykkänen


Schools of technology will hold the third joint Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

7. lokakuu 2016

The doctors and honorary doctors to be conferred will be accepted as members of the technical science community.


Awarded paper on the challenge of cultural differences in servitizing manufacturing

29. syyskuu 2016

Along with internationalization, cultural differences in business practices have become a topical issue.


  • culture_difference
  • internationalization
  • servitization

BOND – Blockchains Boosting Finnish Industry

14. syyskuu 2016

The BOND project investigates the blockchain as a fundamental enabler for the “Internet-of-Value”

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