BIT Research Platform

BIT Research Platform (Business, Innovation, Technology) is a coordinating body for academic project-based research in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Aalto University School of Science.

BIT coordinates 12 professor driven research groups. The research is tightly connected to DIEM focus on creating and transforming technology-based business from strategy, people and operations perspectives.

    HCL (Human Capital and Leadership)

    HEMA (Healthcare Engineering, Management and Architecture)

    IMI (Innovation Management Institute)

    IRIS (Innovation Research in Services)

    LRG (Logistics Research Group)

    MIND (Managing Industry Changing Innovations)

    PB (Project Business)

    SBL (Software Business Lab)

    SEM (Service Engineering and Management)

    VN (Value Networks)

    vmWork (Virtual and Mobile Work Research Unit)

    Work Psychology and Leadership

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