About the Department

Understanding of the ways technology affects business operations plays an important role in all technology-based business. Developments in technology provide opportunities to create new business, to renew existing business models and operations, and to transform entire industries. The department conducts leading research and impactful education on the creation, renewal and transformation of technology-based business. We strive to educate engineers who can develop and lead businesses with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management is one of the most productive departments in Aalto University. In total there are about 160 persons working in the department, including 18 professors, over 30 senior and postdoc researchers, and a large number of doctoral students.

The department is headed by professor Risto Rajala, with professor Mikko Jääskeläinen serving as the vice head of the department for education and professor Robin Gustafsson as the vice head of the department for research.

The main degree programs in Industrial Engineering are Bachelor’s Programme in Science and TechnologyMaster’s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, and Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science. In our Master’s program, we offer three majors: Strategy and Venturing, Operations and Service Management, and Leadership and Knowledge Management. Annually some 50 B.Sc., 55 M.Sc., and 10-15 D.Sc. degrees are granted. In addition, the department is jointly responsible for some other programmes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels and also offers a minor and individual course for many students of other departments of Aalto University.

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